It has always been our goal at none too fragile to create a warm and welcoming
atmosphere that is free from pretension. One important way we accomplish this is
by engaging in a ceremonial toast, of sorts, with our audiences. Before each
performance, complimentary shots of Irish Whiskey (Jameson) are distributed
among all willing (legal) participants of our audience as a celebration of life & theatre.
A Bootlegger is someone who sponsors Irish Whiskey for an entire performance run
of any one of our six regular season productions. As a Bootlegger, special
recognition in our production Playbill will be assigned, complete with a photo and
“Written Toast” supplied by you! You may also choose to advertise your small
business, pay tribute to a loved one, entertain us with your written word, or display
an original piece of graphic art.

Bootlegger = $600