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Seá's Night - A Special Needs Performance: A Special Needs Performance is just that! A performance of our current production but tailored for older teens (16 yrs - 19 yrs) & Adults with special needs & their families, friends &/or caregivers. Maybe you are on "The Spectrum", or have sensitivity to loud music or sounds, or a sensitivity to strobe lights, or you can't sit for long periods of time, or you have uncontrollable vocal outbursts, or you are not able to sit in close proximity to others, or you are a mother of an infant with no child care & you just need a night out of the house, or, or, or... this is the performance for you!

"Seá's Night" is named after Artistic Directors, Alanna Romansky & Sean Derry's daughter, Seá (Shay) Derry. Seá has Rett Syndrome & sitting still for long periods of time is very difficult. Interjecting vocally when some would think is inappropriate, is not controllable for Seá because of the side effects of Rett. Sean & Alanna's other children enjoy attending shows as well as helping backstage & even on stage at times, but Seá has not been able to attend a none too fragile production, until NOW! 

(Due to the nature of some special needs of our "Seá's Night" patrons, seating is very limited & ONLY for those with actual special needs and their families, friends & caregivers who are attending the performance with them.)

*All profits from "Seá's Night" performances are donated to Rett Syndrome Research Trust, which is a not-for-profit research group dedicated to finding a cure for Rett Syndrome.*

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