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'Night, Mother, by Marsha Norman

'Night, Mother Poster.jpg


Winner of the Pulitzer Prize and the Susan Smith Blackburn Prize. This eloquent, enthralling and ultimately shattering play explores the final hour in the life of a young woman who has decided that life is no longer worth living.

*Contains material of a highly sensitive nature, including references to self-harm and suicide, which some audience members may find distressing. If you or someone you know is thinking about suicide, call, text, or chat 988 for the National Suicide & Crisis Lifeline.


“…honest, uncompromising, lucid, penetrating, well-written, dramatic, and…unmanipulatively moving…”

—NY Magazine.


“It is sparse and concise, introspective and penetrating, powerful and uncompromising, intense and intelligent, warm and theatrical. It is THE American tragedy.”

—New England Entertainment Digest.


Directed by Sean Derry

Dec. 2nd - Dec 17th
Thur, Fri, Sat @ 8pm

Sun 12/11 @ 2pm
Mon 12/12 @ 8pm

The Cast

Anne McEvoy

Anne McEvoy

Kelly Strand

Kelly Strand

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