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Cherry Docs, by David Gow

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An unblinking examination of hatred, the explosive effect it has on our society, and the hurdles that confront us as we set about eradicating it.

"it’s hard to remain unmoved by Gow’s exploration of the toll taken by bigotry, the possibility of redemption, and the impact a pair of utterly dissimilar human beings can have on each other, for good or ill."

-- The Boston Globe

"Rarely do I leave a theater feeling I've seen a play so overwhelming and important that I have to tell friends they shouldn't miss it. Plays come and go, but their issues remain long after their runs. Cherry Docs by Canadian David Gow is a play that will stay because its issues demand immediate attention, its writing is clear and characters human."
-- New York Theatre Wire


Directed by Sean Derry

Jan. 28th - Feb. 12th
Thur, Fri, Sat @ 8pm

Sun 2/6 @ 2pm
Mon 2/7 @ 8pm

The Cast

Jeffrey Grover*

Jeffrey Grover*

*member Actors' Equity Association

Travis Teffner

Travis Teffner

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