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At an abandoned motel on a desolate American road, a mother meets with a cult deprogrammer, believing she will be reunited with her runaway daughter. What happens instead – in this smart, harrowing, edge-of-your-seat thriller – is something that will shock her to her core. What will a mother do to get her daughter back? Whatever it takes.

"...The audience is lulled into thinking we're going to be watching a dramatic exploration of family dysfunction ending in some variation of a mother-and-child reunion. Instead, Dietz sucker punches us, then sucker punches us again and again until by the end of the evening we're positively punch drunk—and utterly thrilled. To be more specific would spoil the ride."

- Seattle Reader

jan 31st - feb 15th

thur,fri, & sat @ 8pm

sun 2/9 @ 2pm

mon 2/10 @ 8pm

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